Viewing Tragedies in Proper Perspective


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15 responses to “Viewing Tragedies in Proper Perspective

  1. That was very touching. Thanks for sharing this, Mikey.

  2. Wise words from one of my favorite people, thanks for sharing!

  3. So very very true.

    In my humble opinion the media put far too much emphasis (almost glory) onto the perpetrator(s) of evil events and not nearly enough on the victims and the people who stepped up and went above and beyond, regardless of their own personal safety when others, strangers, were in dire need.

    …Not just professionals in the emergency services but also members of the public who’s first thought was “what can *I* do to help?”

    People ask where God is in these terrible events…I can only say that God is in the actions of every good person who sees a fellow human being in urgent and desperate need and does everything they can to ease suffering and provide assistance.

    Sadly, we have to accept that there will always be horribly evil people in this world.
    Hearteningly, there are always people who steep into the breech and prove there is still hope.

    R.I.P. to all of those lost in Boston due to these awful events. I wish prayers and strength to those maimed… Decent people everywhere have a heart, they share your pain…. courage to the victims and their families for the years ahead.

    There is always hope.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. Hope is not simply wishful thinking. Hope is ‘confident expectation in a change in direction’ that empowers us to be courageous.

  5. galenpearl

    When I saw the first videos of the explosion, the very first thing I noticed was that as the bomb went off and people were running away from the blast, the yellow vested police officers without hesitation moved towards the site. I was so moved by their courage.

    • Me too. Emergency response training helps one react with a specific focus to addressing medical need on a triage basis. After you’ve responded to codes in hospitals a few hundred times it becomes automatic. That’s not to discount their courage at all. The rehearsals you get earning certification allow you to decide quickly and decisively, then act. I liked the way the head trauma surgeon at one of the Boston hospitals put it. He said, “Everyone who comes in alive, stays alive. That’s our goal.”

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