A Perfect Day Out

FarmMart A

It was time to shake up my routine.  I decided to take a half-day off to do fun, unusual things my wife would also enjoy.  We began by arriving for the Grand Opening ceremony of our little town’s Farmers Market.  All the newspaper said was “9am Goat Parade”, which was enticing.  It turned out to be an annual ritual to celebrate Spring’s arrival.  After the ribbon cutting, a small group of kids (some held by kids), musicians and goats in vegetable-covered hats marched through the stalls several times, and into a tented area.  Two-week old goats were available to interact with and be petted by children of all ages.

FarmRibbonFarmMusiciansFarmParadeFarmGoatBabies We have an abundance of local creatives.  I’ve never lived in a town where you can drive a few miles from home and see imaginative products like steampunk potholders, fruit-based hand softener and light switch covers painted in Impressionist colors.  My spouse (the gatherer) was very happy.

FarmTatFarmBottlesFarmVeggiesFarmFlowersFarmSwitchcoversFarmBakedThough the weather gods smiled on the goat parade, after an hour it began to sprinkle.  Time to move on to the next event.  We have an Art Deco movie house that features a smart balance of independent and mainstream films.  I had seen “Oz, the Great and Powerful” in 3D there, but this morning’s event was for a more select audience.  On weekend mornings The Rose Theater programs digital simulcast presentations of plays and opera from overseas.  We came for a performance of Alan Bennett’s new play “People”, broadcast live from the National Theater in London.

PTRoseEdit Mr. Bennett’s an old favorite of mine.  He was part of the original cast of “Beyond the Fringe”, a groundbreaking satirical review of the early 60s that inspired generations of British comedians that followed.  Bennett played reticent authority figures in the show, including an Anglican Reverend explaining an obscure passage of scripture.

He became an accomplished playwright.  The last of his work I had seen was The History Boys, about teachers at a boarding school tutoring working-class boys to give them a chance at getting into the best colleges.

People has a similar pedigree to The History Boys: the same author, director and one of the lead actors.  It’s got a smaller cast, but it covers one of the same themes of the previous play; the process of regret and eventual acceptance of the way modernity heartlessly bulldozes the past.  Frances de la Tour plays a destitute noblewoman trying to prevent her stately house (now in great disrepair) from being acquired by The National Trust, because she doesn’t want all those PEOPLE trooping through her home.  She tries an amusing series of schemes to save the house, including selling it to venture capitalists who want to relocate the whole building, and renting it out as a location for a porn movie.  It was affectionate and hilarious.

We finished early enough for me to zoom over to the Urgent Care just in time for helping out with a couple of trauma cases.  It’s nice to be appreciated at work!  In the evening we popped over to watch the newest episode of Doctor Who with our pals, the other expatriate entertainment industry refugees.  Larry (http://tvwriter.net/) gave me a copy of his book about his past adventures in the biz, Turning Points in Television, and the new EP from Gwen’s daughter’s band Yevtushenko.  They play clubs, and are just getting hot and gaining an audience, an exciting chapter for any band.  I don’t entirely understand their music, and it makes no difference.  I can celebrate their joy in making it.

That’s a perfect day for me; friendly animals, music, bright colors, humor, healing, adventures in time and space, and good company all day long.  What more could anyone ask?


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21 responses to “A Perfect Day Out

  1. You simply can not beat a spot of goat petting.

  2. What a wonderful place in which to live! You both are taking full advantage of it. PS I seem to remember hearing yesterday on the radio that one of the NPR shows was being broadcast from Port Townsend…

    • I haven’t heard about NPR showing up here. Our wonderful local radio station is public broadcasting, run by volunteers, and on local donations, but it isn’t an NPR station. Maybe “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” or one of the others will do a show from The Rose, or from Fort Worden. I’ll check around. Thanks for the tip!

      FOUND IT! The show is called “Says You” (http://www.saysyou.net/), it’s a word game quiz show to be taped here June 21st, and no other details are available yet. COOL.

  3. That does indeed sound like a perfect day!

  4. Having some experience, as you know, with goats I am very interested in knowing how one puts a hat made of vegetables onto a goat’s head, without the goat eating the hat?!?!? Looks like a fun event.

  5. Hard Headed Red Head

    That looks like my type of festival. Complete with folk music? Anytime I see a violin/mandolin combo I get excited!

    • Oh, this was just Opening Day for a weekly community market. This is a tourist destination. We have actual “festivals” (Uptown, Blues, Film, Old Fiddlers, Wooden Boat, Rhododendron, Victorian Days, and others) every weekend from now to mid-October. There’s acoustic music pretty near everywhere downtown once the weather’s nice enough. Thanks for looking in!

  6. galenpearl

    A goat parade! I had to laugh because it reminded me of the hilarious posts on Julie’s blog A Clear Sign. Do you know it? If not, pop over and check out her goat posts. Here is the link to her most recent one http://julielangdonbarrett.com/2013/04/08/this-is-what-happens-to-you-when-your-husband-brings-home-a-goat/

    Besides that, I love those light switch plates!

    And oh yes, the way you wove in a visit to help out with trauma patients. Nothing like saving a few lives to add to your day. You are a hero. I’m not just saying that. You really are.

  7. First I’ve heard of the broadcast of live plays. Interesting concept. Worldwide theatre.

    • It’s a nice benefit to the technology of digital projection in cinemas. You can beam programming in HD via satellite. They also offer Operas from La Scala. It looks just like when they show taped “live” performances on PBS such as the production of “Oklahoma” with Hugh Jackman. There are close-ups and camera moves. It looked like three-camera work to me, master shots alternating with closer framing. There was a 20-minute intermission between the two acts, during which the cameras were pointed at the theater audience..

  8. This is a magnificent post- and goats in vegetable hats has totally made my day 😀

  9. That particular episode of Doctor Who didn’t ruin your day? 😉

    • LOL – I have a particular preference for Doctor Who episodes that showcase the wonderful Welsh choral resources available at BBC Wales, where the show is produced, and that have musical plot points. Therefore I especially like the Tennant episodes about the songs of the Ood, and the Christmas Carol with Katherine Jenkins.

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