Weird, Retro, Whatevermas!

You can’t look good in that sweater.


You guys know I’m a fairly traditional sort of holiday observer, right?  No, really, it’s true.  STOP LAUGHING!!!  I have habits!  Okay, not the same ones most people have. Can you blame me?  Some of the stuff that comes around this time of year is more than a bit odd.  Here are some glimpses, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to alla youse:

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.  That first green kid is PIA ZADORA!

Weird Mexican Catholic Santa Claus (1959), where a devil named Pitch fights with him over the soul of little Lupita, who is battling her impulse to steal.  Pitch is the same demon who urges people that can’t sing to try out for American Idol.

Hey, what if Mom is Santa?

Here’s Doo-Wop Santa.

Shake it, Fellers!

Betty Boop’s “Grampy”, an inventor, helps out the orphans:

Sometimes you get unexpected guests:

If Congress can’t solve the budget, maybe other animals will outlive us:

When I was a child, I watched a peaceful version of the world.  I wasn’t living in it, but I believed it existed, somewhere:


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16 responses to “Weird, Retro, Whatevermas!

  1. I am so stealing this for TVWriter™ ! Thanks for another great year of friendship and fine writing, Mikey. Merry Christmas!

  2. I really enjoyed the Chippendales segment. In fact, I had to watch some more.

  3. So funny, Mikey! The Chippendales were my fave 🙂

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😀

  4. That commercial was hilarious! You can pick’em. We have traditions, too, like having Chinese take out for Christmas dinner. Had a great time with the kids. Hope your Christmas was merry.

    • Ahh, yes, the ending of “A Christmas Story”! Fa-ra-ra-ra-raaa…

      We were potlucking at a house with a couple of kids, seven rebel geezers, and a visiting sage crone. I dug out my guitar synths from storage for the first time in three years, and we played some semi-musical nonsense to great mirthful effect. Thanks for asking!

  5. Today’s SPAM of the DAY award goes to JUL, who offered this:

    “I have been searching for the perfect curl cream for most of my 33 year lifespan and I believe I have found it in this product!”

    Do any of YOU think I would have a use for curl cream???!!!

  6. Where is Lupita now???? And why wasn’t I at the Chippendale’s show? Why didn’t my tickets come?

  7. Merry belated Christmas! It’s 350 days until Chrismas and people have their lights up already, can you believe it?!

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