Fear Not: For, Behold

maya end

The Gun Control petition I reprinted yesterday went viral.  It gathered more than 200,000 signatures in support, and the author, Staci Sarkin, will be going to Congress in person to present it.

There’s some current woo-woo about the world ending on December 21st, because that’s when the Mayan calendar “ends”.  I wouldn’t put much stock in the prophetic abilities of the Mayans.  They stopped calculating their calendar because they were too busy dealing with the invasion of the Spanish, and two centuries of drought, both of which decimated their culture, neither of which they saw coming.

The government remains gridlocked over the budget.  If there’s no deal within ten days, most of us will get higher tax rates on January 1st, the Dow will drop, the national credit rating might be downgraded, blah blah blah…  Defense spending would be cut more than anything else.  There’s always a silver lining.

I can’t control the end of the world, or even the end of the year.  I can only choose how to react to it, so I’m celebrating.  Our neighbors made latkes for Hanukkah!


We went to a grand holiday party for the guide dogs.  Spice won the Loose Leash Relay Race, the Stay Contest (2 minutes), and Team Spice won the Guide Dogs Trivia Contest.  She also got her picture taken with Weird Santa.  Then we all went bowling.


Mary has been gracefully upholding the classical tradition.  She performed in a very fine concert with the best singers in the region, and even got her courage up enough to sing in a quartet of soloists.  They sang the Vivaldi Gloria in D, John Rutter’s winter song collection “When Icicles Hang”, and the final piece from Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFolk Songs of the Four Seasons, “God Bless the Master of this House”.

I hope all of you get time off from work to share with those you love.

God bless us – everyone.


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15 responses to “Fear Not: For, Behold

  1. Loved reading this. I have not sent out Christmas cards (and will not) but we are thinking of you two and your friends across the street, and all the wonderful people we found in Port Townsend. Blessings to you and Mary. Love, Susie

  2. Pie

    The world won’t end on December 21st, but if some people want to believe the worst and act accordingly by stocking up on supplies and arming themselves to the teeth, they’re at liberty to do so. Personally, I’m going to celebrate the Winter Solstice, which is much more positive. It’s all about new beginnings, yes?

    “Defense spending would be cut more than anything else. There’s always a silver lining.” That made me laugh out loud. Both Mrs Invisible and Spice are looking really well. Spice has grown. A lot. What have you been feeding her?

    All Santas are weird. It’s the law.

  3. Ahhh, Santas look weird because it’s the law! I knew there had to be some reason. Spice lives on dry kibble and water, like always. She just keeps growing. 23kg currently, all muscle. And YES, it’s about new beginnings! I’m also happy you appreciate my sense of humor. Chizmite!

  4. galenpearl

    How did Christmas get here so fast this year?! I’m just letting it slip by this year. That’s okay. I’m aiming for Chinese New Year cards instead.

  5. No offensive to the Mayans, but I loved hearing an alternative view on the coming end of the world. 12/21/12 gets lots of attention in my neck of the words, but I’m more inclined to believe we live in the of degeneration. Nevertheless, we can still take hold of our mind and spread happiness.

    • Yes indeed, each day is the end of the world for someone. It cycles up and winds down, just as you say. Nothing prevents willful acts of generosity. Thanks Sandra. Have you tried these chestnuts? ::passing::

  6. I hope the world doesn’t end on the 21st because I’ve got a 4,000 mile drive to other side of the country – I really don’t want to get lost or zapped on the way 🙂

    Have a wonderful and safe Christmas, Mikey 😀

  7. Hey Mikey: i thought you fell off the face off the Earth….but it was just from my reader, I re-followed you and that did the trick and just in time–Great post!

  8. I am so glad I didn’t believe those End of the World people. My plan, when the end does come, is to spend the retirement fund and max out the credit cards so I really need to hear from someone in authority prior to The End. Maybe I’ll spend my retirement on your neighbor’s latkes.

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