I really do not know if the signatures of ordinary citizens on a petition can ever equal the clout of well-paid lobbyists, but I’m willing to give it a try.


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  1. Mikey,
    I forgot to mention that I was also able to sign the petition … and did.
    In the comments box there I wrote:

    “My country is a safer place for having strict gun control, as a parent of young children I wish for your children and parents to feel as safe in their communities as I do.
    PLEASE use lessons learned from this terrible tragedy to save innocent lives in the future.
    Should you choose not to, then no one will have had justice, and someone else WILL loose their lives in another preventable situation.
    USA lawmakers are in a position to prevent bloodshed and save lives, Please do not miss this rare opportunity and please make the responsible choice with greatest priority.”

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  3. It is unfathomable that the spokesman of the NRA responds to this tragedy by suggesting that we arm every school in the US! The governor of Virginia has made a similar suggestion.
    It’s not the strength or power of the gun lobby that I fear but the irrationality of its supporters.

    • Where does that kind of thinking end? Arm the pre-schools? Dog Parks? A rent-a-cop in every restaurant bathroom? There’s a name for a place where you need to have armed guards everywhere you go… prison. I don’t want to live there.

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