The Best of Mikey (so far)

Since I’m nearing 300 posts, it’s time for another retrospective.  These articles were among those most viewed, but more importantly, I thought they were good even when re-read.

This post, combining my explanation of the Scientific System of POOP examining with our move from one part of America to another has consistently been “most viewed”, and still is in weeks when I don’t post repeatedly.  People love poop, and I struck an unexpected nerve. Still the Champion, and probably will remain so:

This post reaches the heart of people in generations who viewed this iconic film over and over every year:

Apparently many people are interested in hypnosis, and enjoyed my story about my own involvement with it:

My article about the power of niceness made quite a stir.  I only wish our dog Lila had lasted longer in training:

There are obviously many fans of Dr. Who besides me.  Many of them decided to view this:

People have long been interested in my examination of the iconography of the face of Jesus:

My very first post was a review of a big movie:

This was the story of the culmination and odd end of my aborted career as a professional actor:

Love and loss.  Everyone who has shared both can relate:

This was my near meeting with one of my dearest sources of inspiration, one of the finest songwriters who has ever lived:

Our guide dog puppy-in-training, Spice, went into heat and had to be shipped to another state for three weeks isolation.  You may not believe this, but her companion on the ride was a graduate female lab (15 months old) named Sugar.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Sugar and Spice, heading South to Oregon.


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8 responses to “The Best of Mikey (so far)

  1. Margie

    I see you’ve been blogging since January 2010, so congratulations on 300 posts, longevity in the blogging world, and quality content. (Glad to see you are not trying to be a postaday person.)

    • Thanks very much, Margie. I couldn’t possibly come up with something superior every day to post. Many of my articles are kind of “meh” to me upon re-reading. I leave them up because it gives me a broader perspective on what works and what I still need work on. I’ve also had an uptick in subscribers lately. I wanted them to see some of the older good ones.

  2. I get wonderful comments here from people all over the world, but any experienced blogger knows that for each one that’s real feedback, there are more that are attempts to link to sites selling things. Today’s SPAM of the DAY winner had this to say:

    “I have not checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts related with LEVITRA SAMPLES are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)”

    Are my posts causing erectile dysfunction in any of you??!! (That’s what Levitra’s for.) Sure hope not!

  3. galenpearl

    I revisited the yellow brick road post, especially because I have made references to the Wizard of Oz in my blog and in my upcoming book. What a great post! I look forward to reading some of the others again, too.

    Always like to see what’s up with Spice, but being banished for being in heat seems extreme, like a society that makes women go into isolation during their periods because they are believed to be unclean, and they can only rejoin society after going through purification rituals.

    Well, I know that being a guide dog puppy trainer has lots of rules which are well thought out and for everyone’s benefit. But still….

    • I should have explained more about Spice’s “retreat”. She’s going to the training center, and she’ll be evaluated medically, and cared for. They just want to ensure she doesn’t get pregnant, because it would derail her program. There are dozens of other dogs there, but she’ll be exclusively in the company of females. It’s sort of a canine convent experience.

      As always, thanks for reading. I’m glad you like my work.

  4. “These articles were among those most viewed, but more importantly, I thought they were good even when re-read.”

    You reread your posts? Damn, why haven’t I thought of that?

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