My Wife Fell Down Today

Mary took a misstep on the concrete steps outside church this morning.  She had a moment’s dizziness, went to one knee, and her head bounced.  Gravity never forgets.  Head wounds bleed a lot.  There are many surface vessels.  It scared her companions in the choir.  They didn’t want to go in and begin the service, but you know, the show must go on.  She got an ambulance ride to the hospital.

Murphy’s Laws are real.  We were up late last night watching Beach Party movies from our youth, and I was home out walking the dog with my cell turned off when the call came.  That’s how it works.  The one time people really wanted to find me, they couldn’t.  But my pal from two doors up came and found me, so I was there in time to watch some of her x-rays.  Nothing’s open on Sunday except the hospital.  Those who are most dedicated to helping whoever, whenever, work on Sunday.  I am always grateful there are people like that.

She got a head CT, a good idea.  The actress Natasha Richardson had a ski accident and refused one, went to sleep and died because no one could see her skull fracture bled into the brain.  Mary’s neck has already been retrofitted with steel from the stepladder fall three years ago that ended her career.  We’ll have to wait a few days to see the extent of the knee damage.  She is planning to sing in a demanding concert as part of a select choir five days from now.  She will look like she got mugged or was in a car accident, but you know, the show must go on.  It’s great, important music, and we’ll use a trowel for her make-up if necessary.

The techs and the Emergency Room doctor and nurses allowed me into the “holy of holies”, the sterile back rooms where health care workers see bodies split and broken open, and put them back together.  As a rad-tech, I’m in the club.  I know the lingo.  I’m a medical levite.

These things happen when you get older.  People fall more often, and older bodies are injured more easily.  The machine begins breaking down.  I have no illusions about it.  I worry a bit because I like my life with Mary, but I expect she will die first because she has more of these mishaps than I do.  Of course I might get hit by a car or something, but it’s less likely now that we live in a region with less traffic, and we both drive shorter distances.  You look at statistical likelihood, and understand there’s also a wild card factor to life.  Things are predictable, until something unexpected happens.

The only way to be prepared is to accept what happens, and make good choices when what happens is outside of what you expected.


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38 responses to “My Wife Fell Down Today

  1. Mikey,
    My wishes for a quick recovery for Mary. I tend to be a bit accident prone, myself. Last Sept I went to visit a friend to de-stress for a weekend and to enjoy her lovely wooded property and beautiful gardens. I managed to trip, and fall down a flight of stairs, got a concussion, broke my nose, whiplash, contussions and bruises everywhere and a torn ligament in a finger. My husband has a knack for secretly snapping my photo when I am at my worst. He has a little collection of black and blue me photos. Hope Mary doesn’t mind that you send her photo out to the world!

    Accidents do indeed happen and there is no way we can be prepared. We have to get right up, keep on going and be grateful our injuries were not worse.

    Best to you both!

    • Thanks for your good wishes, Iris. I asked her permission about the photo. She’s just as beautiful to me even if she’s banged up. Once I’m retired, I’ll probably show my face as well. Falls are very dramatic! I’m sorry you had one too.

      • I am pleased that you had her permission. The important think is that she is ok. Right after I read your post, I searched for the awful bruised up photo Art took of me after my fall. I realized anew how fortunate I was too, that my fall didn’t have dire consequences. My regards to Mary!

  2. Oh, I hope your Mary will heal quickly. You are right to be concerned about any head injury. I was a Neuro Intensive Care Nurse years ago I took care of people who had a “bump” who ended up in comas – or worse, as you have pointed out. As more and more of our friends suffer illness and age related injuries and accidents, I know exactly what you mean when you say “I like my life with Mary”…I do not want to be without my husband, but know that the possiblity exists that I may have to be. Good luck to you and Mary.

  3. galenpearl

    I’ll add my wishes for a speedy recovery. Your post underscores what we all know. Life can change in the blink of an eye. I hope this is a small bump (literally and figuratively!) in the life you like so much with Mary.

  4. I am so sorry to hear Mary had a fall and I too wish her a speedy recovery. Glad they did the scan – always better to be safe than sorry.

    Let’s hope Mary does make the special event, I am sure she will.

    Yes, I go the deeper message, Mikey. I know that you know why I did.

  5. I am sending healing light and love to Mary. And you’re right, we aren’t in control. Although I think she should make up a story about what she did to the mugger.

  6. Annie

    Hi, Friend…
    I’m so glad Mary is okay.
    Love from Kansas City, Annie

  7. Mikey,
    Sorry to hear this. Thanks for sharing it. How fragile we are. “I like my life with Mary”. What a beautiful and impossible sentence. It’s a blink in geological time, the time we treasure with loved ones. Everything ends and no one gets out alive. It’s crazy that we love at all, much less cozy up with someone and forget/accept our eventual doom enough to create a life together, with favorite cereal bowls and disagreements over which Beach Party movie is best, and all the wonderful rest of it.

    • In your honor, Matt, I’ll reveal that I proposed to her with a bowl of cereal in my hand, as I walked down the hall. You see, she had rejected the previous “serious” proposals. The “assume close” worked to seal the deal.

      • Really? That’s a riot. I had to ask three times — got a yes, a no and finally another yes. I could see she was in shock the first time when she blurted yes, so I told her to think it over. (Advice tae the lads: stop askin’ when you hear the word yes.) I think Mary is lucky she’s got you on her team.

  8. Mikey – my heart sank when I read this. I do hope Mary recovers quickly.

  9. Oh, Mikey, I’m so sorry! Please give my best wishes to Mary. I really hope she recovers well and feels better soon. Also sending you lots of love and understanding from across the ocean. Stay strong. Both of you.

  10. Mike and Mary, thanks for sharing your story, and your stories, We love you both. We will be in Beaverton Oregon to see our grandaughter Adalae the first weekend in May – wish we could see you ,too!
    -George and Diana

    • You’ll be welcome if or whenever you get here. I don’t reckon we’ll be going anywhere farther than Seattle for at least a few years. Too much to see and do right here. Lots o’ music and natural beauty. Festival season has already begun. Have a wonderful trip!

      (George and his wife Diana are old pals and gifted musicians:

  11. My heart was in my mouth when I received your email and saw the title. And that was before I saw the picture. Mary looks like she went ten rounds with Mike Tyson, but I’m glad she’s doing OK, I have no doubt she’ll be able to perform at that concert, even if she has to be wheeled on stage.

    When I had my own slip and fall in the bath last year, thanks to a pesky spider making a surprise appearance on the shower curtain, I didn’t hesitate to go and have my head seen to (mainly because I had an impressive egg shaped bump which grew within minutes). Head traumas, however insignificant they may appear should not be underestimated, as you demonstrated with the story of Natasha Richardson. My accident also brought into sharp relief my fragility as a human being who’s getting older every day and, as you pointed out ,is more likely to have accidents. Let me enjoy what there is now and be grateful that I got off lightly last year, because, as has been said by other commentators here, we won’t be leaving this earth alive.

    • She’s walking, though she has support and a bandage on one leg. She may sit for performance. Thank you for reminding me about the bath! Our tub is deep, and we have no handrail on the wall. I must remedy that. 55% of all accidents in the home include some kind of a fall.

  12. lizfruitberry

    Oh my goodness, that sucks. She is fortunate to have you! Yes the day will come when me or my husband will die, as you were talking about death. I hope I go first. Very thankful for the Sunday health workers. Hopefully, she wil be up to go to the show. I do not want you to get hit by a car.

    Best Wishes,


    • LOL-I don’t want to get hit by a car either, thanks. Mary’s doing all right, mostly sleeping. We shipped the dog off to a certified guide dog puppy sitter for the next three days to make things easier. I’ve changed the dressings. The wounds are varied but not deep. For the most part, she is just sore.

  13. Susan Price

    Hi Michael- so sorry and shocked to learn about Mary’s fall. What caused her to fall? Why am I asking this? …I have fallen seveal times in the past two years just because the pavement was uneven – something that would not have phased me in my youth — ah, my youth. Mary, my fellow youth (or yut if you saw My Cousin Vinnie) knows all about it. I wish her a speedy recovery. Thank you for all that you do for her.

    • You’re welcome, even though I did little except change a couple of bandages, watch her sleep and write about it. We don’t know why it happened. She might have had a moment’s loss of consciousness, but she remembers hitting her head. She was at dress rehearsal last night. Today she’ll try driving. For the concert tomorrow we’re debating between flesh-colored bandaids versus heavy makeup for her eyebrow and cheek wounds. Yes, older people fall more. Even me, though I always seem to do it on a safe surface like carpet.

  14. Cat

    Oh my God! I hope she’s okay and fully recovers well!!

  15. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email. I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing for example you could include topics about “health solutions”. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

    • Sorry, it doesn’t. This blog is my hobby, not my job. I’m not motivated by increasing the traffic, even though I am happy people enjoy reading. I write about health topics sometimes, but I’m interested in too many other areas to confine the blog to that. Thanks for your suggestion, though.

  16. well I’m certainly glad that she’s okay! I am sending love and positive thoughts both of your way for a swift recovery. I’d love to hear your wife sing, will you be taping the event? 🙂 much love to you iMikey

    • Thanks, Kymlee. She’s much better now,and the concert went well. It was presented at a small, atmospheric chapel. Recording equipment would have been disruptive. However, I did discuss the four selections they performed two posts after this one (“Four Hard Songs”).

  17. Michael, your issue “my wife fell down today” has been hijacked by scammers, “miami club casino online slots” and “buzzluck.” I get this weird messages from them, so I will try to close it.

    • Sorry. I already removed their messages from this site before you replied, but that’s a hole in WordPress’ spam fence I have no control over. It probably phished anyone who has commented.

      • Oh, it’s just the price we pay….. it is so hot down here and our abode does not have air….(and i would not use it unless my solar panels fueled it). Thinking of you two in the great northwest. It is so hot I think that I should start reading about Newfoundland by Farley Mowat.- a book someone just lent me. Very good. Apparently one of Canada’s greatest writers (now 92).

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