Quality Vs. Favoritism

I have a tendency to sort the world in two simultaneous ways.  There are things I term “good” merely because I enjoy them, and things that I identify as “good” because they achieve their intent in an undeniably superior way.  It’s very important to me to be able to tell the difference between these two.  I’m obsessed with being aware of the difference.  There’s the stuff you like, just because, and stuff that you have to admire the excellence of (if you are intellectually honest) whether you happen to like it or not.  Sometimes the two are the same, but NOT ALWAYS.  This is the source of my own ability to see the shades of gray in meaning.  I expect there are other methods.  This is mine.

Sometimes I make the mistake of pointing out this method of perception (in comments) to people who aren’t as interested in knowing it as I am.  That rarely ends well.  Those who write from orthodox or fundamentalist points of view, be they political, religious, artistic, financial or whatever, generally prefer to assert that it doesn’t exist.  There’s TRUTH (whatever they happen to believe) and the force in opposition to that “truth”.  Like the heroes in old westerns, they think that opposing force “needs killing”.  They don’t want to examine the subtleties, reasons why beliefs are always changing through historical, cultural and personal contexts.  They don’t like acknowledging that we all learn, and that we have different needs and desires at different ages, therefore some things we hold as true at one point in life won’t remain constant.  It’s pure hubris to think we can accurately tell which will last.

No matter how much I think I’ve got the picture tuned in today, there are channels being added to the list while I sleep.  I’m going to wake up tomorrow, turn on my head-TV, and see new sources of programming I hadn’t anticipated.  I like that!


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9 responses to “Quality Vs. Favoritism

  1. I like your point of view. Back in the medieval days anyone who questioned the king was killed. All because they didn’t want different opinions and beliefs flowing through the air for others to freely question and analyze.
    Thumbs up!


  2. Different points of view and opinions are what make the world interesting. Heck, as your ever-changing head-TV indicates, it is what keeps us interesting.

    I can even have two opposing views at one time. It sure keeps it interesting for me.

    I will never understand why someone feels that someone with a different point of view has to be wrong. There is no right or wrong. Only different.

  3. I don’t get it either, but I fight it most days. Thanks so much, Deb.

  4. lizfruitberry


    What do you mean by “Sometimes I make the mistake of pointing out this method of perception (in comments) to people who aren’t as interested in knowing it”.

    Knowing what? I found this post to be very confusing. Can u give an example? I read it 3 times, but still have no clue, what your thesis is in the post. Perhaps there is not one. Felt like one of those B rated movies, that have no plot or ending. Sorry, confused….😄Maybe I am just dumb?

    • I suppose I just didn’t feel like “outing” other bloggers I get in online arguments with, but I see your point about the ambiguity. Here’s what happens. Someone writes that such and such is TRUE about things that aren’t provable, like anything about God, or the superiority of whatever political candidate or method of investing money they happen to believe in. What you like is what you like. What is true ought to be of a higher standard than what you like, things like everyone dies, or gravity and the speed of light are quantifiable constants.

      When I point out (in a comment) that some things can’t be proven one way or the other, and are just things they’ve decided they like, some of them go totally ballistic in reaction, call me all kinds of names, etc. I’m sure if I were in the same room they would be throwing punches, or in Arizona, drawing a gun. I never seem to see it coming. It would be wiser of me to not even comment if I can see that a person is not open to real debate. I hope that clarifies things.

  5. Liz asked me to redact the rest of our philosophical interchange. I rather enjoyed it, but she felt she wasn’t at her best in her comments. I often can’t quite express myself as I would like to. I do thank you all for being understanding when that happens. It’s more or less the pitfall I was trying to talk about in this article. hmmm…

  6. And then there are the things I don’t like and which do not achieve their purpose: cell-phone ads.

    • No comment. I never watch them. I have a really dumb cell phone, because I work on-call, but I don’t even pay for a data plan. No texting. It just rings and takes voicemail messages.

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