Good Smells Survey

Since you couldn’t be here with me, I’ll send you some things to smell.




Little Girls, Bunnies and Hay








All the good smells mix as we pass by.  It’s sunny today.


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19 responses to “Good Smells Survey

  1. Ah yes, the sunshine. Makes each moment feel abundant.

  2. It’s almost as if I was there – thanks for sharing. I didn’t even get out of the house today (trying to wrap up my taxes).

  3. L

    Need weed. This post makes me want to smoke weed. No offense. All the love, brother.

  4. lizfruitberry

    Oh, feel like smoking weed reading every post. Haven’t smoked it in 20 yrs, want some right now though. Don’t get why? Music perhaps? Listening to a lot of Jazz, maybe that’s why?

  5. Wonderful! I love the smell of coffee. Also, I get to walk past a flower store every day as I walk to work and it always makes my morning feel so much brighter. I love this, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi there,
    I love Farmers’ Markets and haven’t been down to one in the US for years. Suffice to say the Farmers’ Markets in the Gulf Islands are extremely popular. I used to wok in ours for many years but don’t now. The market smells I like best of all are those from the baking booths. Nothing beats the smell of fresh cinnamon buns.

    • I loved your article! Our market was awarded “Best Farmers Market in Washington” in the small town category for 2011. We have 60 vendors now, all from within 50 miles. Pike Place Market in Seattle is huge and amazing, but it’s too big for me to absorb and understand. Ours is just right, in the Goldilocks sense.

  7. Farmers’ markets are great places to get local and cheaper food as visitors. Everywhere we go as tourists, we try to hit the local market to get the local cultural flavour.

    I’ve learned alot about local culture just going to the farmers’ markets.
    Are those dried flowers in the last photo? Very different.

    • Those were some kind of miniature plant starters with a Latin name I didn’t recognize, but they smelled good, and were so colorful I chose them to close with. They represented the mystery and power of the natural, growing world to me. I liked your article too, Jean. Thanks for the link!

  8. Resistance is futile! I’ve been visited by the BOLG. I’ve awarded them “Spam of the Day” for their message:

    My Bolg :

  9. galenpearl

    We often overlook smell because sight takes up so much of our sensory pie, but there is nothing like good smells to awaken our pleasure!

    • I agree. Smells have more of a direct connection to memory. I’m often trying to connect what I write about now to the past. I also realized that when I looked at well-illustrated food or recipe posts, the smells came back to me! Thanks, Galen.

  10. Margie

    Wow, what a wonderful farmer’s market!
    There will be a little market at the cabin on Friday’s, once the Hutterite’s produce is ready to eat. Pretty low key, but the smell of fresh baked buns is to die for!

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