I Put a Spell on Me

Hmmm…  Better trim up for work.

I’ll need a warm hat.

The winds are cold lately.  Time for that Gore-Tex jacket.

…and my comfy, softy boots.

I still feel like I’m missing something…


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11 responses to “I Put a Spell on Me

  1. You might like an ipod or mp3 player? Makes it kinda nice 🙂

  2. The boots! 😆 I bought some similar for John. He was initially horrified. About a fortnight later, after he had decided they were the best thing since sliced bread, he admitted his hesitation had been due to the fact that in his homeland if anyone saw him wearing them they would think he was crazy.

    Nigeria is not known for cold weather and any need for warm fluffy slippers! 🙂

    • Indeed, I’m afraid I might have been too subtle and ambiguous in telling the joke, that I’ve been turning into a garden gnome without noticing. Glad you had a reference in your own life.

  3. 😆 No, I got it,. It was just that a) I am of an age where that is normal and b) the boots made me laugh!

  4. Fantastic! I shall have to send you a fishing rod for Christmas!

  5. Very clever! Hmm, I wonder what I am turning into. Since retiring, I spend a lot of time in my jammies and robe. I get up early and get busy with my day, but I’m not so quick to shower and dress until later when I’m headed out. Maybe I’m turning into Hugh Hefner, who apparently lives in his jammies and robe. Oh, dear!

  6. This was perfect for me today. Thanks Mikey. I think what you’re missing is the pinky finger.

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