Here Are More Reasons

I like to leave my back yard wild.






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6 responses to “Here Are More Reasons

  1. Pie

    South, East and West I like. Not so sure about the North. That’s where they’re building the new homes, yes? Are they in keeping with the area in terms of style? I’m sure your place was much more interesting to look at from the outside as I vaguely remember it. We all know the interior is gorgeous.

  2. New home construction is going on to the North and West. The Northern home is huge and fortress-like, and every living thing has been eradicated from the property. The Western home is being placed gently into the hillside, with an intent toward camouflage and green technology such as a wind generator and solar panels. I will get along with both sets of neighbors, but I prefer one view of how to live and not the other. Though I may disagree with the ones to the North about home styles, there will be other things we can agree on.

    The East is our back yard. The South is our other side yard, bordered with neighbors who share our preference for wildness. The four directions photos are a lead-in to my next post.

  3. lifewith4cats

    wow, that really explains the deer in your earlier post. Their nightime bedding area must have been cleared out. Theres a movement Ive heard of recently about people getting rid of their manicured lawns and planting native flora instead. But Ive only seen it on the net and not in person. Im a lover of non man-made views myself.

    • Yep. They have to go somewhere, and I move very slowly when the shades are up and they can see me. Trying to have native flora is new for me, too. It’s just another lucky break I got in buying this house. When you have plants that would grow there naturally anyway, they don’t need to be gardened. It feels right, though I am not used to perceiving things the way they ought to be. There is a comforting vibe coming from the yard that I have never felt from a chosen, planned, selected, engineered garden.

  4. I can’t stop looking at that second photo. If my yard looked like that I would be outside all the time.

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