Tidying Up

This is what you see when you enter through my front door.

It’s Spring.  Time to clean up my Blogroll.  I don’t want this action to hurt anyone’s feelings, so instead of just doing it I want to explain a little.  In terms of design and possessions, I prefer less rather than more. Watching design shows on HGTV gives me a headache.  No matter what the designers do to those homes and apartments, I always think they’ve done too much and put too many items in every room.  I’m the same way about my Blogroll.  I want it to be an easy-to-read SHORT list with supportive mini-reviews.  I don’t want it to look like “What’s on the Old Man’s iPod.”

I’m subscribed to many more blogs, and I am enjoying reading others I don’t subscribe to.  I’m going to retain my subscriptions.  However, some of those on the Blogroll haven’t posted anything new in over six months.  There are some newer ones I read regularly who post at least every few weeks who will be taking over their spots.  I understand very well the way real life, the one you have away from the computer, will sometimes make it difficult to blog.  That’s as it should be.  I will probably change the Blogroll again every once in awhile.  I hope you won’t take it too personally.  I’ve been a critic far longer than a memoirist.  I want to promote the work of those who are writing well on a semi-regular basis.


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21 responses to “Tidying Up

  1. It’s hard to cut people from the blogroll. I don’t currently have one because I would find it too difficult to remove people when they stopped writing regularly. I also think it’s better to keep the total to ten or less or your recommendations become diluted.

  2. Cat

    Oh my God, your home is lovely. And it’s so bright. Granted, I am in my room at 12:30 a.m. and I have all my blinds shut with the drapes pulled. But still. It’s pretty.

    • It was gray most days in January. February was mixed, with rain on and off but only a couple hours each day. Now it’s rain mixed, then 2-3 days sunny like yesterday when I took that picture. Thanks for the compliment! All the furnishings are budget-priced or inherited. The only full-price purchase is the Toulouse-Lautrec print over the fireplace, which Mary bought long ago. Most of the charm is the house itself and the grand show appearing through the windows, so we try not to put too many things in the way of those.

  3. I should do the same, even though mine is not long.
    Your home is lovely – I like places with lots of natural light and I am also a bit of a minimalist. I am not a collector of “trinkets”.
    I wish I had the trees through the window!

    • Thank you, Robyn. The trees certainly give me a lot of pleasure, but the next post will feature the mountains we also see from our windows. It’s harder to photograph them than it is to see them. I don’t have a telephoto lens at the moment, which would really do them justice.

  4. Hi Mikey,
    You wont see me complain anytime soon cause Yippeee…I’m on thy blogroll and loving my little description there…made of chocolate ahh…thats the bestest 😉
    You know this reminds me..I need to tidy up my blogluv page too!! This weekend. But my personal home is simple…and less cluttered. I have the same thoughts when i see those home decor shows…oh god they can put so much…
    Thank you for giving me a spot in your awesome blogroll…i do hope to stay there forever and ever and ever 🙂
    So Much Love,

    • You can be so authentic, loving and cheerful, Zeenat, that it passes to others even through text. It energizes my “inner kid”, and it is a remarkable skill. I thought I ought to point out the door to that dimension for other travelers.

  5. Mikey, thanks for “keepin’ me on.” If you need to clean me off of your blogroll sometime, no hard feelers. I don’t think there’s any fear of my not posting for long periods. The stuff keeps on pouring out, like the oil at Macondo. “Writing well”, now, I make no promises…

    • I’m glad you understood that it really isn’t anything personal. In any case you write very well, Matt, in a style quite different from mine. We like many of the same things, but we filter them through our brains and it comes out individually colored. Reading a wide variety of types of good writing is important to me. I like reading your articles because I learn a lot from enjoying and thinking about those differences.

  6. I actually have more folks I want to put on my blog and finish the ultimate blogroll project. If I was sure they weren’t coming back I might purge someone, but some I’ll keep for loyalty. It supposedly hurts your seo to have a blogroll, but I love my people.
    Your home is awesome! Gorgeous!

    • I’m glad you like it. HGTV wouldn’t, but what do they know? And you know how little I care about seo. I did everything the way I wasn’t supposed to and still ended up first on the list if you Google “Invisible Mikey”. In fact today I’m numbers 1-4. I reckon it’s because there aren’t that many Invisible Mikeys in the first place. On the other hand if you Googled my actual name you wouldn’t find me for a hundred pages, because there’s a famous author of several bestsellers who has the same name as mine.

      • Sorry – I’m over commenting – but this rings true for me too. I used to be Robyn “Something else” and if you Googled me then I was a famous singer (I never knew!) but I am (I think) the only Team Oyeniyi.

        • SEO is a funny animal. All you really need is a unique label. No denotation of either quality or the lack of it. Just something different.
          If I called myself Obtusker Jilloon Fnork I would zoom to the front of the line.

  7. Gees, I’m with you on this one. my blogroll is in desperate need of a tidy up and an update. I hope you’ll keep me on your blogroll?…

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