Deluxe Gift Baskets (#4)

“There is only one disease – congestion,

and only one cure – circulation”

— Chinese proverb

Here are some blogs I read for body health info.  I want to be healthy for whatever time I’m going to live inside this bottle, and I want all of you to maximize the maintenance of your bods, too.

The Musculoskeletal Network

Nearly everyone experiences some sort of pain caused by malfunctions of that machine structure our consciousness sits in while we are on Earth.  Sometimes people are surprised to learn that the best practitioners of ordinary Western medicine (like the ones I work for) often prescribe alternative therapies and exercise instead of drugs for chronic pain.  The intent of any good doctor is to do whatever works, and what will not harm the patient.  This kind of information is pretty technical, but my readers are smart.  Here’s a current article on non-drug approaches for managing Low Back Pain (LBP), a common condition.

The American Heart Association at

Why do most people die when they die?  Something stops the pump.  You may not think of this old-school charitable organization immediately as an info source, but it’s one of the easiest to use, clearest, well-organized sites for all sorts of topics related to keeping your heart and circulation system healthy.  It’s written for general readers, and it’s unbiased.  Anyone can learn from them.

Jacques Courseault, M.D. at Exercise Menu

This guy was a personal trainer who became a physician, so now he writes a blog providing free information combining both disciplines.  There are articles about many different kinds of workouts, but also ones on diet, weight loss, and managing diabetes and blood pressure problems.  I especially liked his articles on keeping kids healthy by having a family dog, and his holiday post about how mental health is the foundation of fitness.

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at my reading list.

Up Next – More of that “personal” stuff!


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6 responses to “Deluxe Gift Baskets (#4)

  1. Thanks for the good links. Most everything should first be addressed naturally with exercise, diet and lifestyle. I am thoroughly convinced myself that exercise is the fountain of youth and health itself.

    Like you, I want to be healthy for whatever time I am inside this bottle. I also want to thrive and be vibrant as long as I am here.

  2. Your gift baskets are such a treat! I’m also interested in information on the musculoskeletal system. I admire your ability to simply spell that word. 🙂 Thanks for the great links.

  3. Which reminds me, my Clusters are milder these days. Why, you ask? Because a wise man once told me that singing aids in oxygen intake, which in turn aids in pain management. I don’t sing well, but that’s not really the point, is it? I just crank the volume and sing behind the band, and no one is the wiser.

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