Deluxe Gift Baskets (#2)

Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!

detail from the Universal Comedy Flow Chart, care of the Ministry of Secret Jokes

There’s nothing I like better than a good laugh.  It’s better than a good meal.  A unique gift of the human species is the ability to observe tragic circumstances and see humor in it. There’s nothing we can’t find funny; funerals, starvation, alcoholism, bad smells and bankruptcy. Other animals play jokes on each other, but they aren’t as adept at it as we are.

A robust sense of humor is a saving grace.  Because I’ve endured a certain amount of tragedy, I can write funny.  But I read those who do it better than I.  Many of those on my Blogroll are great comic writers.  Here are some other gut-busting humorists I’ve discovered:

Myra at (I bet) My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours

This NYC minx lost her job and ran out of money.  She was forced to go back and live with her parents on Long Island.  Typical when you are 22, but at 40?  Her parents are aging and going a bit daft.  Her closest confidant is her pit bull Vito, who has, shall we say “digestive problems”.  You must not read her misadventures while you are at work or while drinking.  Liquids have shot out of my nose more than once.  Consider yourself warned.

Clueless Immigrant at Culturally Discombobulated

His name’s in the link, but he writes semi-anonymously as his alter ego, an observant man from abroad diligently trying to comprehend and adapt to the strangeness that is America.  Outsider comedy is one of my favorite styles, and Clueless is a jewel, now set in our silver sea of toxic waste.  His About blurb says his site “is just what the internet needed – another navel-gazing blog.”  I don’t know about the net, but I need it.

bschooled (Becky Cardwell) at Just Making Convo

Ever since I got hooked on Toronto’s troupe of Second City players back in the ‘80s I’ve had a thing for Canadian comedy.  It reminds me of my boyhood in the Midwest, another sparsely populated region attuned to absurdity.  Becky is adroitly silly in all directions.  She’s an anarchist with an organized desk.  She satirizes consumer culture by advertising non-existent products.  She went undercover on Facebook as a fan of the Jonas Brothers (and as Ben Matlock) to tweak the tribe of worshippers.  Even though she tackles adult subjects, she manages to be funny without swearing.  I admire that.  (Thanks, Lisa, for making me aware of her.)

Coming in Part Three – “How-To” Blogs


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12 responses to “Deluxe Gift Baskets (#2)

  1. I know Bschooled’s blog, very entertaining posts and also it’s fun reading the comment thread

  2. I’m honored, Mikey!

    Thanks so much for the flattering and sacrosanct words.
    (FYI, I have no idea if I used “sacrosanct” correctly or not. I’m trying to make my avatar seem more highbrow by taking random words from the Thesaurus and using them in comment threads.)

    I’m also glad you stopped by (thanks Lisa!) because like I always say, any blogger who talks about forming an Algonquin kitchen table is definitely a blogger I want to know.:)


    ps. I’ll have you know that I plan to have “An anarchist with an organized desk” written on my gravestone.

  3. I thought you’d just think she is the coolest thing since Canadian Bacon.

  4. ‘Tis the season for good readin’. I’m liking these gift baskets you’ve started sending out.

    My two girls have both been junior players with Second City (would you like some PANcakes?) With my youngest having just competed in a regional tournament of the Canadian Improv Games. She’s a riot, perhaps you’ll see her on Comedy Central someday.

  5. You might also wish to check out It’s a parody of self improvement blogs by same person you gift basketed from my suggestions.

  6. Apologies, Only just noticed this.

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Really chuffed with this and it cheered me up on a day I was feeling rather mopey with myself.

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