Deluxe Gift Baskets (#1)

Partially sage, I rose merrily, on time.  Fluffy snowflakes have erased the borders between roads and yards.  The coffee’s warm, and the fireplace glows.  What a fine time for reading.  In addition to my regular peeps (they’re on the Blogroll), here are some blogs that I’ve been enjoying lately. They’re going to end up on the Blogroll when I get around to it, but they really deserve a proper introduction from the MC (Massacre of Ceremonies).

The Community of Healers

I earn my living assisting practitioners of healing.  I also work to heal myself, and I try to assist others in their healing by providing words worthy of the time they grant me in reading them.  I’m interested in the writings of others who (like me) marry a variety of disciplines together with the unified purpose of fixing what’s wrong in the world by working on the problem from the inside out.

Debbie Hampton at The Best Brain Possible

Debbie tried to kill herself and failed.  She damaged her brain.  (I don’t know why her doctors didn’t offer more rehab beyond occupational and speech therapy. Regular ole doctors in my neck of the woods fully support the use of alternative therapies in addition to the standard stuff.)  Anyway, she ended up feeling like, “I broke it.  I have to fix it.”  There’s a lot of redundancy built into brain tissue.  Much of the upper part can be dead, but what’s left can still be re-trained to take over what other areas used to do.  During her recovery she learned methods anyone can use for better brain health, and it makes for fascinating reading.

Sandra Lee at Always Well Within

I think understanding and practicing some basic form of meditation is something every person needs to know how to do.  The restful mind is a source of power, to heal, to focus, to understand, even to write better with.  Sandra teaches meditation, and has assembled a broad range of topics related to inner peace and focus.  She’s very good at making philosophical concepts that originated in Eastern paths of truth-seeking accessible to us Westerners.  When I need more peace, I go here.

Zeenat Syal at Positive Provocations

To my enormous delight, I have been unable to figure this woman out by any conventional method.  She has credentials in psychology, naturopathy and spiritual teaching, but instead of being aloof and academic she cooks it all up together, serves it with a smile and won’t let you leave until you are full.  Her playfulness and inimitable good humor is infectious and amazing.  If you subscribe to her blog, she sends you a honking great self-help Starter Kit – FREE!  I’ve been to Disneyland.  The lines are long and the food is awful.  If you want to see one of the happiest places on Earth, go to Zeenat’s blog instead.  (PS – She’s made of chocolate.)

I also want to add a short note of gratitude to TimeThief, the Good Witch of the North, through whom I came to know all three of these.  She didn’t know she was assisting me, but she has a gift for navigation.  I merely followed her tracks.

Next Up – Humor Blogs


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12 responses to “Deluxe Gift Baskets (#1)

  1. Great post Mikey and excellent links…

    The one I connected to most was Sandra Lee’s but they are all deep and heartfeltly meaningful blogs, and I shall return.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Awww Mikey, youre the bestest!
    How do you come up with these awesome words to describe us all (i love my introduction…love it!!)
    You actually call me a woman…YAY(hubby would roll on the floor laughing 😉 cause as you know, he thinks I aint grown up at all 🙂 )
    And how amazing that I have you all confused about me, in the most loving way ofcourse.(it wasnt the intention, but I love being mysterious 😉 )
    Better than disney land..oh my my….I think you need to come to disney land with me and my little girl and see how much more you like it…but I love the compliments. You make me feel all special…thank you!!!
    Sandra and TiTi are close to my heart too! I have to go say hi to Debbie now…toodles 🙂
    Much Love,

    • I understand you from the child place we have both occupied, Z. It is the place where laughter pours out with the ease of a mountain spring, and we are comfortable with each other as playmates are. I knew and recognized you for no logical reason. It just “happened”! It’s an important resource in myself I had been neglecting, this sort of intuitive acceptance. As my life reaches a closer alignment with all good purposes, I’m opening up.

  3. Hello there,

    You really made me smile with your keen observations of these three women I know so well! You’ve captured my quest and questioning to a T. Thank you for including me alongside these two marvelous healing hearts and brilliant minds. I also appreciate how unify us and you too with the vision of healing the world from the insight out.

    You have such beautiful way with words! I’m also grateful to timethief for connecting you and me. She has the best taste when it comes to blogs!

    Thank you and stay warm!

    [BTW, I’m not sure you had a chance to see my mention of “Re” in this early Feb post –]

  4. I follow all these blogs, except Best Brain, because I hadn’t known about it. Looks very interesting. Zeenat is an amazing person with a great writing style. Sandra shows her peaceful spirit even when she comments and tweets, and Time is so down to earth and knowledgeable all at the same time.

    Here are a couple of my fav posts from my fav humor blogs. These people are my idols!

    This post was so good it got “freshly pressed” a while back

    And while you’re at it, you should stop by Mr. Mills blog before thawing out. He’s 83 and hilarious:

  5. wow, I have a lot of writings to visit in the next few days…nice of you to refer them…and your style is, ah, intriguing

    • Thanks, J. You get a tasting sample for that:
      (J. writes about wine and wine culture for those who are budget-conscious. The site’s nicely illustrated, tasteful and costs only the time it takes to read.)

  6. The best thing about you is the amount of sharing you do. Personally and publicly. I shall take you up on your recommendations.

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