The Power of RE

My energy was down.  My moods had grown dark as I empathized with current news stories.  I was upset from looking at the hole ripped out of the Earth next door.  I’m turning it around by meditating on all the wonderful aspects and symbolic depth of the single syllable “re”.

The prefix RE comes to us from Latin, the language prevalent during the time of another empire.  When you put it in front of other words it means “again”, and also “back”.  RE is all about going back to the origin of things, starting over and investing an activity with new energy.

The spoken syllable embodies the cyclical nature of all things.  It begins with “rrr”, the closed mouth, the build of pressure, the boundary.  With the opening of the mouth and the freeing of air, the lips smile “eee” and the energy pours forth.  Closed, then open – rrrEEE!  What was held back becomes shared.

We all make painful mistakes as we grow up.  But, when we REvisit these events and learn to REinterpret them from a wiser perspective, we gain understanding.  Understanding frees us from habits formed by our fears.  We become refreshed, renewed, recharged.  Our first birth is uncomfortable.  It gets easier and more fulfilling as we are reborn again and again, a renaissance of growing enlightenment.

RE is as practical as it is spiritual.  Repaint, repair, remodel, replant, repurpose, reuse, RECYCLE.  Recycle’s particularly good.  Break a thing down to its elements, go back to the beginning and make a new thing out of it.

Conditions aren’t always right for success the first time you make an attempt.  Practice is a large determinant upon quality and completion.  You’ll need to rethink, retry, restart, reboot and above all REWRITE.

If you aren’t feeling free, you might need more RE.

I highly recommend it.


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20 responses to “The Power of RE

  1. I must repent or I’d be remiss that sadly I missed a couple again and must regress. My high regards for you makes you a top priority, so I remit my eyes to your revealing blog posts.
    Throbbing Gristle? That sounds like when my mom makes steak.

    I’m sorry you’ve been down and glad you’re feeling a bit better now.

  2. Thanks for your amusing reply, Lisa. Nice to reconnect with you.
    (It was Burroughs who said, “Language is a virus from outer space.”)

  3. Sometimes when we are feeling a bit low Mikey we need just few RE’s to kick-start us again. The first one is Reevaluate: where we take an honest look at our lives and make conscious decisions to do something about … not other people but ourselves. Not assertive enough? need to loose some kilos? make a decision to actually DO something about it.
    The second one is : Remember, as often if you seriously think about the mess you are in, there is always someone in a bigger one. Sure, I’m in plaster, but I’m not terminally ill. My kids might be throwing a tantrum and driving us to distraction but someone somewhere else is burying their child today and would be so grateful for even just a tantrum…
    Often we are guilty of focusing on what we don’t have and not remembering (and appreciating) what we do have. Finding a quiet space and doing the third one, Reflection, is the tiny pause that enables us to take a deep breath for the next leg of Life’s race.
    Without any of these then we are understandably tired and unnecessarily careworn. I hope that you are feeling better Mikey… and Rejuvenated after writing this refreshing post. (HUGS) Kiwi 🙂

  4. Strangely enough, I have been struggling with that notion of freedom myself lately. Sometimes freedom smells better than it tastes. I definitely need some time to spend with re- myself at the moment. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  5. I think you’re one of those flowers that grow right through cracks in the concrete, Tracy. If you need it, it’s all right to take some rest before you return to the struggle.

  6. Interesting musing and I LOVE the old Re-Search publications cover. (My favorite one was their 1986 book INCREDIBLY STRANGE FILMS. It’s where I first learned about Manos, The Hands of Fate, years before it was on tv.
    Thanks for the civil reply about my Bad Movies page at the Showcase forum. Some people over there are really mean-spirited. It’s nice to talk to someone polite.

  7. I liked that issue also, and thanks for your compliment as well as for dropping by. Here’s your parting gift:

    (Balladeer writes funny recaps of awful movies from the past at his site, and you know how I love bad movies. His list of them is long, and ever-growing.)

  8. I think I’m falling in love with “re.” Thanks for the personal introduction.

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  10. (Thanks for the pings, tweets, whatever sound fx, ladies.)

  11. My personal favorite is revamp. To me, it is a full culmination of all the REs. It’s the final RE when you take all of the other REs into account, when you’ve broken things down and taken them back to the beginning. It’s the RE that brings one to the ulterior goal, whatever that may be. It’s a layman’s word to describe every aspect of my life. Every thought process for me ends in a revamp. For me, there’s no point in visiting the other REs unless a revamp is intended. There may be another word for that description, but none that sound quite so saucy. 😀 Even revamping my thoughts on this brings me to revamping my thoughts…how’bout revive, refine, revitalize…

  12. Deborah

    Hi Mikey – I’ve been strolling around your blog and thoroughly enjoying myself – it would be rude to leave without saying so. As a language geek, I particularly liked this post (and the one about bad films). I’m really glad you’ve started writing regularly again.

    • Thank you, Deborah. I now work less, so I can write more. I’m a language sub-geek, but I haven’t the ability to illuminate my thoughts on the nature and use of words as well as you do on a regular basis. Drop by any time. I’ll put on the kettle.

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