The Fame Virus

I write these articles first and foremost because I like doing it.  They are like cryptic messages on little scraps of paper that I put in bottles and set afloat on the ocean. They contain memories and opinions about things I’m interested in.  One goal is to be able to write about things in an entertaining fashion.  The great newspaper columnists of yesteryear like Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker and Donald Kaul could write on subjects they knew little about and it would still be fun to read. Yesterday I got a lot of reinforcement for my efforts.  Sort of.

The WordPress people sent me an email yesterday.  If your blog is hosted by WordPress you got one too.  It was an encouraging note listing the “health of my blog” (it’s good) and making an amusing and highly absurd comparison between my number of readers and how many ships would have been filled if they had each been cargo containers.  I can play that game too.  If all the dead skin cells that came off me in last night’s bath were anti-gravity concrete blocks, we could line them up end-to-end and make a sidewalk to the moon!

Statistically speaking, yesterday was the second biggest day my blog has had.  Hundreds of hits!  I had posted a nicely interactive and colorful article about my enjoyment of the “new” Doctor Who, so I was quite pleased with myself.  Then I looked at what all those people had been reading.  It wasn’t the Doctor Who post.  It was this one from last March:

That post was about my having been a stand-in during production of a cheesy 80s cop movie.  I wrote about watching the actors, and what kind of people they seemed like to me.  Mind you, this was a job I had for a mere nine weeks, 25 years ago.  It’s not something I think about much now.  However, Valerie Bertinelli was in the movie, and I put a picture of her in the post and “tagged” it with her name.  Valerie got married (for the second time) on New Year’s Day.  News of the wedding came out in all the entertainment publications and on CNN etc.  Those hundreds of readers had zoomed over to my wittle bwog like paparazzi to a red carpet, because they had typed “valerie bertinelli married” into search engines.

Don’t get me wrong.  Anyone of sound mind and majority age who wants it should be able to get married.  Lots of people (myself included) need to do it more than once to get it right.  I wish Valerie and her new husband all the best.  But the experience of getting all those hits on an old post for that reason made me feel a bit creepy.  So, in order to turn the experience into comedy I’m going to tag THIS post with the names of celebrities I haven’t even mentioned, just to see what happens. Bring it on, fame junkies!


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14 responses to “The Fame Virus

  1. Haha! This should be fun. The same thing happened to me last year with a story I wrote about a Justin Bieber incident. It was average for a while, then suddenly exploded with hundreds of hits daily for part of a week, then sunk back into obscurity. Strange stuff when you’re watching it from our end.

  2. My WP email compared my blog traffic to passengers on a 747. Hope I don’t crash and burn. And, it listed YOUR blog as my biggest referrer (sp?) More people come to visit me from your blog than from anywhere else. I guess you could say I’m riding on your coat tails 🙂

  3. Hehehe, porn stars? Seriously? I bet it brings you more traffic than Jesus himself.

    • Though it is true so far that those two are running neck and neck, Valerie’s still out-polling everyone else. The next closest vote getter is Obama. The post is already in my top ten (for hits), and it was only posted about 4 hours ago. I guess the amassing of “traffic” isn’t so hard after all. I’m gonna add a few more tags.

  4. Something similar happened to me. I write on a specific topic, which is quite possibly pretty boring to a lot of people. One day I came home to all these people searching on Google and finding my page. I couldn’t understand why they were searching for the particular term they were searching for – until I found the news story myself (using the same search term). A lovelorn guy in the Department of Immigration has sent out an email to all and sundry seeking to connect with a woman he met at a party. Hence the connection between the Department and love. All felt rather strange!

  5. Oh, if you are wondering? I got here from the WordPress dashboard – nothing as exciting as any of your tags!

    • You are welcome here for normal or weird reasons, Robyn. Your story of getting unanticipated traffic is certainly as amusing as mine. Here’s your gift basket for dropping by:

      (Robyn writes a blog to help her deal with the stresses of being separated from her husband, who is an asylum-seeker. I haven’t read her entire story yet, but I plan to. If you are moved by this kind of story, of lovers kept apart by governments, you might drop by her blog to offer encouragement.)

  6. There are some dire publications out there, it’s pretty demoralising sometimes to know that they get such a high hit count, if your tags are anything to go by that is. I’m tempted to do this experiment but I won’t. I’m sure one day I’ll inadvertently tag something with a popular word and that it. I don’t think I’d like the idea that loads of people came to my blog in search of something else. I’d want people to come my blog because they enjoy what I have to say.

  7. We’re in agreement, Josh. You and I both work hard to post articles that are worth reading. I don’t have a huge readership in blog terms, but they are a higher quality group who offer insightful comments that add great value to the experience of self-publishing.

    (The U.S. newspaper with the largest circulation is the National Enquirer. a tabloid focused on sensationalistic investigations of famous persons.)

  8. Jesus n’ Jay Leno, a winning duo if ever there was one! Speaking of famous,I got published w/o really trying. That was a trip:

    And my Jane Austen post may be getting an airing out on a site called Funny Not Slutty. The woman who owns fns said she’d schedule it sometime this weekend. My therapist had said something about me trying to get on a e-mag or 2 and I couldn’t believe I was accepted. I haven’t told my other bloggy friends yet, b/c I was being such a bragger about my poem being asked to be on that published author’s site. Who knows, I might be a writer yet!

    • You’re already a writer, Lisa. The only difference will be that more readers will be discovering what a good one you are. You’ll make new friends and (who knows?) maybe make a buck or two. The main thing – you’ll enjoy doing it and know that others will read and enjoy your work.

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