Casa Not-So-DeLuxe

Here’s where we are living while Mrs. Invisible and I continue to slog through the required paperwork and await the closing of escrow on Casa DeLuxe.  She worked for a  TV network for 30 years.  They certainly made a big deal out of it if ever she was late turning in a story for broadcast.  Now that obtaining a home and mortgage depends upon processing her pension in a timely fashion, they can’t be bothered to do it properly. We won’t be getting the house in time for the Fourth of July.  F#*% CAPITALISM!

The motel is pretty low-tech, even for this region.  The kitchen appliances work, sort of.  The refrigerator and coffeemaker do.  The toaster doesn’t, and the microwave is 50/50.  There’s no WiFi in range, so my laptop is currently a typewriter.

There are views of, well, the highway the cabins are located beside.

This is looking out the other way.  Still not great, but the flowers are nice.

The cabin is decorated in the “whatever’s cheap” style of design.  Godawful floral prints and fake paneling.

Though there is a clock-radio, there is neither a telephone nor television reception.  The cabins feature instead a small analog TV hooked up to VHS players stocked with films for those with average tastes.

To call the bathroom small would be understatement.  Not only is it not wheelchair-accessible, unless you are svelte it’s not even human-accessible.  I haven’t been in there once without hitting my head, my knees, or my elbows.  The hot water runs for almost a minute before turning ice cold.

The cats have given Casa Not-So-DeLuxe rave reviews.  If you have food, a place to poop and somewhere soft to lie down, what more could you possibly want?  I must try to be more like them.


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28 responses to “Casa Not-So-DeLuxe

  1. steel magnolias is a good movie if you son’t mind totally immasculating (sp.) yourself. Our TV looks a bit like that, but we got the digital antenna when they had that program to get one. While the cabin is a cute place with pretty surroundings, I’d be like no wi-fi? No TV? NO POOL?! Get me the heck out of here. Of course it wont help you now, but you oughta get a netflix subscription, 9 bucks a month and you can stream movies…while waiting for your DVD to arrive. That’s how I got hold of those movies, they have many you can watch right away.
    I’d definately be like ok, where’s the Motel 6?

  2. PS, What a beautiful cat!

  3. Pie

    Value can be created out of every situation, Mikey and gawd bless ya, you’ve blogged about this… this… well let’s just leave that one hanging in the air, shall we?

    It will be beyond love for Casa Deluxe when you finally move in. Hang on, Mikey and f*@k capitalism. You’re nearly there.

  4. But you’re together. Which makes anyplace better than the place you were in when you weren’t.

  5. This is that moment, m’thinks , in every good story where the hero is just about there, victory is almost assured, and then it all goes flat. The moment when the doorman at Oz tells Dorothy that she can’t see the wizard, and slams the little window shut. That’s that. Only that’s NOT that. Great things yet to come…

  6. Think of it as the last dremple (speed bump obsticle) in the road before your new brilliant phase in life kicks in… Moving into your new house will be all the sweeter for having been stuck here.
    Feel for people who live like this ALL the time and have no amazing escape ready and waiting just around the corner.
    Admittedly no wifi would be my bone of contention, but you have your darling wife by your side, you ARE leaving the rat race behind you, the motel allows pets.. all bonus points.
    It’s the last hurdle before you cross the line and win the prized ticket out of the rat race. Hang in there, it’s turning out to be a little more of an endurance race than the sprint you’d hoped for, but the prize is well worth waiting for.
    Your supporters are here cheering you on, sending virtual hugs and kind thoughts…
    and hoping that the TV network gets their tails into gear soonest over the paperwork.
    You need to find a helpful soul there somewhere and wring their ears off with charm so that they will help get things moving faster… send them some flowers on completion if you DO find such a soul and everyone will be happy!
    Crossing my fingers for ya!!!

  7. Mikey, you are on a BIG adventure! How exciting. All our love to you both. Can’t wait to see the new Casa.

  8. Yup, these delays stink and hope all is resolved asap. Fast forward and imagine yourselves happily and comfortably settled into your new home, in say…a year from now and the life you will have created for yourselves. I am hoping it will be more than worth the wait and bet it will. Think about what life will look like then? Allow your minds to meander, enjoy and plan how great it will be once you get settled in!

    Best of luck!


  9. Just enjoy your time together. Love to both of you.

  10. Little Bro

    Uncle mike how in the hell is a women expected to use that bathroom? Our knees would hit the sink. Then you walk out of the shower stall into the hallway. Hope you get your new place soon, at least for Aunt Mary’s sake.

  11. Goodness. It’s not even up to Dr. Doolittle caliber. They can only give you the sequel!

  12. I confess, I laughed when I saw the toilet or so called “bathroom.” Are they kidding? Hope you can keep your chin up and that this doesn’t last long. It might just be a humorous memory in a few weeks. In the meantime, it looks like lots of outside adventures might be in order.

  13. Little Bro

    (In case you couldn’t tell from the tone, “Little Bro” is not always Little Bro – me, that is. That “other little bro” would be my daughter, Mikey’s niece, mother of the beautiful “Tempis Fugit” chile, etc. etc. etc. ‘Sokay by me.)

  14. lianamerlo

    Haha, that TV looks just like mine, I still have one with wood paneling.
    Small bathroom, floral curtains, broken appliances…I think I’ve been to that motel.

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