You won’t see any posts for a few days, folks.  Mrs. Invisible AND the 2 cats have arrived, the California house contents are heading North, and I have no internet or email for a few days.  We got Casa DeLuxe (yes, FOR SURE) but we are still wrapping up the last few documents and won’t know the exact date until those are finished.  Funny how each day they say “Oh, that’s all the forms.” and then the next day they come up with a couple more.  I have to change phone and ISP services and get re-connected.  I’m typing this from the real estate office.

Love to all of you, and I’ll be back up and running with GREAT NEW POSTS real soon!  Don’t miss it, if you can…


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10 responses to “SHOUT OUT

  1. That’s awesome! *Smile*

  2. Gonna miss you, but glad the whole Invisible family is back together, and I pray y’all have smooth sailing from now on.

    Had to re-check the name of it just now, but a few days ago I saw Ikiru.
    Now that, sir, is a movie. I was enthralled the whole time. One can definately see little snippets of A Christmas Carol in it while being an entirely different story.

    Anyway, I wish you and Missus the best.

    • 10 minute commutes – I’m over the moon already. You make me feel validated as a film critic, Lisa, but most of the films I listed are are also on the “all-time best” lists of MANY critics.

  3. Pie

    See you in a few days, Mr Invisible…

  4. Sarah Baram

    Happy moving! See you soon Mikey! And looking forward to it!

  5. Congratulations on getting Case Deluxe FOR SURE!!!!! And thanks for your kind words about my blog. You have one great blog too!

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