Eight Miles High

It’s raining so hard the rhododendrons are losing their petals.  When I was little I didn’t like rain, but I’ve changed.  My desert-born wife loves rain.  It rained like this on our wedding day, one of the luckiest days of my life. I’m full of good will.  Today is the day I go to sign the papers.  Once it passes inspection (which I believe it will) and closes escrow, CASA DeLuxe will be OURS!  Just in time for Independence Day, too.  They say we will see the fireworks from our front windows.  They shoot them off at the marina right about here:

This whole week has been good.  Monday, our house in California passed its inspection contingency period, with only a small credit needed toward minor repairs.  That means escrow should close mid-June and the sale will be complete.  The last obstacle for that house is the buyer’s financial contingency period, which finishes next week.  I’m not worried.  The buyer is richer than we are.  Let me re-state that more clearly.  The buyer has more money.  Nobody’s richer than me right now.  Songs are playing in my head. The rain washes the wounds I got in the struggle to escape the City-eh-y-y-ah (that’s Stevie Wonder).  It’s hard enough to gain any traction in the rain, and it’s hard to get through a city day without thinkin’ about getting’ out.


The muse liked me this week.  Writing came easily.  My spirit and body were in concert.  Wednesday was my wife’s last day at work.  Workers from her present and past said nice things and gave her a party.  Meanwhile, after three days of working extra shifts, I was offered a promotion.  I’m going to train to administer the meds at the Dementia Care home, as a nurse-delegate.  This is a large compliment for having worked there less than a month.  I’ll be getting a wage increase, and I’ll be the crew chief for the shift.

“Rain-gray town, known for its sound.

In places, small faces unbound…”


There’s much to do.  Moving in requires a lot of organizing and list-making.  We have to tell all the people who need or want to know where we will be living.  It takes planning and pharmaceuticals to move cats across the country.  Her car will be coming separately, weeks after everything else does.  Everything will be in storage at first or in transit because there’s a couple of weeks between the time we must be out of California House and when we can move into Casa DeLuxe.  My wife may wait and get spinal injections to assist her pain-management before she comes.  It’s complicated, but we’ll work it out.

“I’m fixin’ a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will go-o-oh.”


When Gene Kelly filmed the song “Singin’ In the Rain” he was ill and running a high fever.  Fortunately he had already recorded his singing and only had to mouth the words and dance.  Some takes were ruined when he had coughing fits or sneezed.  You would never know by watching the completed scene.  Rain washes.  Art transforms.



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12 responses to “Eight Miles High

  1. Congratulations, Mikey. It gets better every day! Good to hear this.

  2. It’s uplifting to see you so happy.

  3. I’m so glad your papers are done and everything went smoothly. That is going to be such a great place to live.

    Congrats on getting promoted too. They must really appreciate you there, both the staff and patients.
    Happy weekend!

  4. Sarah Baram

    Congratulations on your promotion, you deserve it! I hope everything continues to go as wonderfully as it is now!

  5. Pie

    Great news about your promotion, Mikey. I’ll be thinking of you and Mrs Invisible watching fireworks from Casa DeLuxe on Independence Day.

  6. Damn dial-up, I’d love to be celebrating by singing along with you, but alas, my jurassic internet connection doesn’t do youtube. I am however sitting here with a giant shit-eatin’ grin on my face! Congratulations to you both!

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