So, Is This Theme More Easily Viewable?

I would especially prefer to hear from those of you with visual-impairment issues and others who found my white-text/black background theme choice hard on their eyes.

I have a cold and am going to take NyQuil and knock myself out and go to bed early.  I’ll post something new late tomorrow night.

Ahhh, NyQuil.  The one substance on Earth that actually TASTES green.


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18 responses to “So, Is This Theme More Easily Viewable?

  1. Little Bro

    Yes. Yes, it is easier to read, thankew. But oddly enough, it makes you less invisible.

    Hoping all the household suspense is resolved happily and soonly; it would be nice to share celebratory news with the little ones in the Midwest, once my application for grandfatherly status ceases to be pending and is approved.

  2. Deborah

    From a totally selfish point of view, this is wonderful. Thank you Mikey.x

  3. I am delighted that you are revealing a bit more of yourself – albeit only your eyes, which are beautiful!

    I love your new theme!

  4. Sarah Baram

    I like the new theme, but I had gotten so used to the last one! It felt so fitting. I guess I can get used to this?

    • 4 votes for (1 with reservations).

      I liked the old one too, Sarah, but I also like this, and if it’s easier for those who had trouble seeing and reading the other then it’s an ethical necessity.

      For example, I wouldn’t live in a house that wasn’t wheelchair-accessible. We don’t use one, but we have friends who do, and I want them to feel welcome.

  5. Count me a fifth on the theme and a second on the eyes.

  6. Cool for the first and drool for the second… great on all counts Mikey, now we can all see one of the reasons why Mrs Invisible is a lucky lady. Is that a blue/gray combo? my kids both managed an intriguing blue/gray, green with a touch of brown flecks for interest in their eyes, difficult to know what to put down when filling out the passport forms LOL. I didn’t have a problem with the old theme, like this one too as much, maybe even a bit more, so please add me to the list of “eyes”.(“aye’s”, get it LOL?)

  7. Pie

    Wow! New theme!

    I felt warm and cocooned with your original theme, but I understand the need to make it accessible to everyone and quite right too. I’ll just have to find a way of gaining that feeling again with this one.

    Like everyone else here, I think your eyes are rather lovely, Mikey. A sort of liquid grey.

  8. Cat

    As a person who changes her theme outrageously often, I don’t mind at all. The black background did bother me, but I got used to it after weeks of stalking. The white is nice. Your eyes are nice too, O Bald One. Mine are boring and brown, so you’re lucky. Lame. Then again, I have bitchin’ hair.

    P.S. Random story: my sister is a terrible baby-sitter, as evidenced by the time when we left her with my little brother (who was about 2 at the time, so she was 15). Anyway, he wouldn’t go to sleep, so she decides to give him “special juice,” i.e. his juice with a nice serving of Nyquil PM. My mom came home and was like, “Wow! He’s sleeping like a rock!… Wait. What the hell did you do?!” Needless to say, after that, my sister was not allowed to babysit unless I was there, too. Ahahahahahaha.

    • NyQuil’s powerful. I took it a second night and just got up after 14 hours sleep. I was a wreck. Goop from all orifices (ewww). I’m better now, but I have a PILE of tasks to race through!

  9. I really dig your new theme. Your eyes are very nice indeed. The Howie Mandell look you’re rocking ain’t too shabby either. I thought I wouldn’t like your new theme being used to the dark look, but I like it far better. It is easier read, but you staring your readers down is the really cool part. I’m definitely sold.

  10. Well, that makes it pretty unanimous. OK, folks… COMMENTS CLOSED on this one.
    Thanks for your input.