Adventures in Woo-Woo (Pt.2)

One True Reading

When deciding whether or not to undergo a medical procedure there’s a guideline used called “risk vs. benefit”.  Every procedure has risks, but if the potential benefits heavily outweigh them your doctor will advise you of the situation and recommend you accept the risk and consent to the procedure.  Another way of looking at it would be “upside vs. downside”.  In my experience, the biggest problem I encountered in exploring the nature and character of the unseen world was that it takes a ridiculous amount of time sorting out and throwing away the nonsense and non-useful results in order to gain a small nugget of valid information. Over the decades I grew to believe that if there is life after death, there are probably good reasons in place for why we can’t easily perceive it.

First off, if the fabric of the afterlife is something entirely outside our conventional concept of it, it would be quite disturbing to most people to know about it.  For example, if there’s no hell or heaven and people just ended up “there” (wherever) it’s going to upset religious people who rely upon preconceived ideas about it.  Perhaps there are others who have gone before, who act as “greeters”.  A previous Vaudevillian might have the job of putting on the “Old-Man/White Beard God Suit”.  This costume is mutable for all religions and sects, but in this case the new folks may have been Orthodox Christians.  He sits upon the throne set as they arrive.  There are former members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir there to provide Hosannas.  A display of unceasing praise and song continues until such time as the new arrivals become bored with the sameness of it.  Then one of the ushers can ask, “Are you ready to proceed?”  The new arrivals, having finally achieved the necessary state of open-mindedness, will be politely escorted to the “door” of the REAL AFTERLIFE.

In the previous chapter I mentioned having consulted psychics.  I did not spend much money doing so.  There are plenty of people who have unusual abilities who do not charge for consultation, if they perceive you to be a serious seeker.  I attended lectures by people like Ram Dass and other notable psychic explorers, spoke with them and asked for their help.  I was often given an introduction to someone more anonymous.  In this fashion, out of dozens of attempts, I ended up getting one reading in 1973 which has since turned out to be accurate for my 37 years of life since.  I did not know at the time that it would turn out to be the “true” one.  I filed it away in memory along with all the other readings that led nowhere special.  From time to time when something from the old reading came true in my life, that WOO-WOO feeling went off in my brain like an interior theremin.  The validity of it convinced me there are real psychics after all, though they are as rare as a Chicago Cubs pennant win.  I know the identity of the medium who presented this message to me, but her work of this sort was always performed gratis under the promise that she would remain anonymous, so I can’t tell you who it was.

This reading was a long-term forecast of my future work over the course of my entire expected lifetime.  First there was a long disclaimer, an elucidation of the rules and limitations placed upon entities who can communicate these kinds of messages.  There was a lucid restatement of what I had often heard, that we create the outcomes and details of our own future by each action we take and decision we make daily.  The entity stated they could only speak in a general and symbolic fashion, because to be more specific would reveal aspects of future history affecting many others, and that is not permitted.

The disclaimer ended with an assurance that the truth of this message would be revealed to me slowly over the course of many years, and that I was being given it because I had talent in symbolic understanding and would find a proper use for the information.  In other words I had been estimated to be sufficiently clean in my intent.

I was first told that my work life would be largely divided into three distinct periods.  In the first, I would follow a course of initiation into ordinary commercial and trade-based occupations until such time as I chose to pursue additional education.  This course of education would be coincident in time with great upheaval in my emotional life, but it would be an important turning point in many ways.

The second period of my career would see me become a “keyboard expert” of a very unusual kind.  My work would be creative, would include music and unique machines and activities would be involved.  Clients would seek my expertise and it would be highly paid.  There was also an apology for a lack of more specific detail because it fell under the “future history of everything” clause.  Finally there was a warning that I would probably endure a period of great pain, loss and loneliness.  If I chose wisely, I would achieve unanticipated success and happiness in the third phase.

In the final period of my working life, I was to become a healer in some fashion that could not be revealed.  I would work with other practitioners of healing, and would finally retire in adequate financial comfort as a well-respected contributor to my community.  There was in conclusion a message of hope and encouragement that said I would be able to overcome many obstacles because of the power of my good intent, and that this was a key gift I was given at birth – the ability to be effective in empathy when I was in good health and positively focused.

When I got this reading I was 19 and not yet married.  I worked in department stores and in the film-manufacturing factory until I went back to college at age 26.  As I wrote about before, college opened up a new world for me, but I also got divorced within a year of graduating.  When I got divorced, I remembered the reading, which I had not thought much about in the seven years since I received it.  I was 28 when I headed to California to pursue work at first in sales, but within two years, the entertainment industry.

In that second phase, which did come true and began in 1984, my work depended upon computer technology (controlled by keyboard) that did not exist in 1973 when the message was relayed.  Over the arc of 20 years I was an editor of sound fx and music, a foley artist and recordist, and a specialist in the restoration of older films and TV shows.

I rarely thought about the reading during my showbiz phase.  I was busy and involved and life in Los Angeles was fast, fast, fast.  I had remarried, but as I wrote about before I still had anger and abuse issues to resolve.  The result of the therapy I went through for that led to my decision to go into patient care, as well as the desire to move closer to my family, who lived in Washington.  MRI scanners and facilities specifically dedicated to dementia care did not exist when I got the reading, yet the message I was given remained essentially true.  I now work with healers and perform direct care myself to the best of my ability, within the limits of scope of practice.

If the story of my career ends the way it was predicted, my wife and I will do all right.  I also think things wouldn’t have turned out any different if I had never gotten the reading, but it is interesting that such a detailed message turned out to be the one completely accurate one, isn’t it?

Coming Up in Part Three – “As I Count Backwards”



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21 responses to “Adventures in Woo-Woo (Pt.2)

  1. I enjoy these two posts (Part I and Part II) immensely..It was very interesting, and despite your desire to remain anoymous, is rounding out the fascinating picture of you. There is no much in these posts with which I agree and which seem to parallel many of my own life experiences, but it was also very well written, insightful and entertaning.


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Iris.

      I expect most of my regular readers understand that my invisibility is partly a literary pretense adopted to put a buffer between me and salespersons. That and the fact that since no one can see themselves entirely objectively, when we write stories about ourselves (even events from our own lives) we are still writing not about ourselves exactly, but about a character BASED on us. This is the character I chose. I have a name, and he does too, but we aren’t the same identity. As time goes by, my understanding of “him” increases, much as yours does.

  2. I definately believe in people having psychic abilities, I don’t have it but others do. One of my professors in college could predict things and know things. For instance, one of my cats disappeared for 2 1/2 months when I let him out the first time at our new apartment. He told me Phillippe was fine and would return. My professor insisted he would even as the weeks went by. Lo and behold, there was Phil. One could say that was coincidence, but the man knew what I was thinking often and it wasnt the only thing he was right about either
    I think too that many folks who normally aren’t psychic can get preminitions not to do something and later find out something awful had happened.

    This is really interesting stuff. Very glad there will be a Part III. Really, really good post.
    Have a good weekend (ps, I’m slowly banging out a couple posts, and there’s other junk I want to write about soon too)!

    • No play is complete without a third act. I’m glad you’re into it.

      I’ll admit I’m usually skeptical about predictions of the sort your professor made about the cat. After all, that one had 50-50 odds. Either it would come back, or it wouldn’t, and cats do come back more often than not if they’ve had a positive relationship with their care-givers so long as some accident has not befallen them. Indoor/outdoor cats can be very independent, I’m sure you know, and toms do need to scope out a new neighborhood to establish dominance, territory, and the availability of female company.

      The more people I’ve grown close to, the more I think some degree of untrained ability that society would label as “psychic” comes as a built-in on the design of every human. Different cultures allow and encourage the use of it to differing degrees.

  3. He was neutered, which likely increased his chances of coming back. He’s usually home now and with me since he’s partial to me. I’d like to ask him where he went those 7 years ago, but he ain’t saying. I think he got lost or someone took him in, maybe he was looking for the old house. Phillippe is the one sitting on the ledge in a picture on my blog.

  4. Mikey,
    I’m an iron-fisted skeptic, but I also — after Whitman — have grown large enough to “contain multiples”. So even though I wouldn’t probably consult a psychic, I accept that some people, perhaps all, have as you say an “untrained ability” in this direction. It seems likely, and it shouldn’t surprise me that I have room for this, since I believe that we are more spirit than anything else. Spirit knows spirit, and spirit is eternal as I believe God is eternal. What is the future against such reach? Not bluddy much. Nothing is really off the table in my book.

    Actually, I say I wouldn’t consult a psychic, but I would consult a friend whose input I would trust with such important affairs as my marriage and my relationships with my daughter and my friends and family. In this way am I not treating them as prophets of a sort? And only because I know they love me? A prediction or reading is just a different kind of prophecy, a picture painted rather than a dilemma worked through.

  5. Oh, by the way, you chose wonderful pictures for this.

    • I’m glad you enjoy my display of prowess as an editor. I do like perusing many sources for illustrating posts, even though it takes more time to do so than it does to write them.

      You’ve also presented a thoughtful and useful take on the nature of prophecy/prediction. I agree. We all want to know the future as a part of our ordinary curiosity, and we have different definitions of sage counsel, or oracular consultation, in the modern era than earlier cultures had.

  6. Boy, are my thoughts exploding across all spectrums. And plains.
    Having read all of your “woo-woo” posts, I’m left with the question “Where to begin?” You’ll have to excuse me for using you as a sounding board, I love to be given the opportunity to elaborate on my thoughts and experiences.
    Let’s start with the fact that I’m also a skeptic. Yes, I, a lifelong practitioner in all things woo-woo, am a huge skeptic. Even taking into account the things I know, the things I’ve felt and the things I’ve experienced, I still have moments of “yeah, right” when presented the experience of others.
    I believe this is because woo-woo (which is called heka, baraka, mana, among other things, in my world) is personally interpretive. The exact same event, ie, your reading, is interpreted differently by different people based on their own personal experiences. I believe it’s the power of those interepretations that fuels the woo-woo.
    The core of my beliefs is a unified energy, however, it is not supernatural. For lack of a better word, I perform magic, by manipulating that energy. Here’s where interpretation has an impact. One may read this, see the word “magic” and instantly label me a wack-job. That label is based solely on what? Their personal interpretation. And, I’ll admit, I’ve made the exact same diagnosis of others more times than I care to count. What I don’t do is lose faith in its existence.
    I prefer to liken woo-woo to radiation. Which fits, I think, and will be something you can relate to. Radioactive energy is formless, it cannot be seen, touched, smelled etc, however, its impact is undeniable. Marie Curie was just as much a wack-job in her day, as I am in mine, but the fact remains, her books and materials hold and retain her chosen energy, just as much as mine do. She was able to tap into an energy, one that couldn’t been seen, touched or smelled, that was so powerful her personal belongings are still too radioactive to handle. How does this relate to my own belongings? The energy in my Witchcraft (the word used to describe my method of manipulating the woo-woo) is such that there is not a soul who has ever picked up my personal grimoire. My tools and materials remain untouched by anyone but myself. Is this because I’ve harnessed something, an energy that cannot be seen, touched or smelled, with an undeniable impact? I would tell you yes, but of course, that would be open to your personal interpretation, based on your personal experiences…much like Marie Curie’s critics, who in the beginning believed her deluded, crazy.
    The one and only difference between Marie Curie’s energy and my own, is measurement. Human’s require proof of existence, and measurement is the greatest proof. In this day and age, we know radioactive energy exists, simply because we can measure it. Because we’ve learned to measure it, and prove its existence, we’ve learned to manipulate it. Like woo-woo, it can be used for both manevolent and benevolent purposes. In my life, woo-woo has been weighed, measured, quantified, and therefore, manipulated. It’s been measured in all walks of life, the mainstream calls it “religion”.
    My intent of course is not to sway you in one direction or another, just to give you something to interpret, a new personal experience on which to base your measurements. Often times, the problem lies not on belief in the woo-woo, but on the inability to measure another’s path against your own form of manipulation. Hence the “my God is better than your God” mindset.
    I realize your post, Part 1, pretty much establishes your agreement that it is all basically interpretive. Your views, and your attempts at measuring and quantifying are obvious, so really, I’ve done nothing here but use you as a sounding board. 😉
    I’d apologize, but that’d be almost as redundant as the last bunch of paragraphs.

  7. It’s an absorbing occupation to delve into these matters, I agree. I don’t expect to achieve a final understanding without in fact “dying to know”.

    The task of conceiving and clarifying a Unified Field Theory defeated Einstein. I’m not holding my breath to achieve better answers than his.

  8. If I had a dime for each time I came to… Incredible article!

  9.’s done it once again. Amazing writing.

  10. Interesting read, althoug it can be argued both sides. A bit like talking love spells in the middle of a meticulous paper.

  11. I’m researching people willing to be interviewed for an article regarding the occult and love spells.
    Please contact me if you have had any experience with spell casters, good or bad.
    Discretion and privacy are guaranteed.

    • Thanks for the invitation, but I am going to decline politely. In my experience, guarantees of privacy and discretion in journalism contexts are unenforceable. It’s like saying “I’m telling the truth” about something that can’t be proven.

  12. lianamerlo

    I’ve only gotten my palm read by a NYC palm reader who was sitting in a building window on a red plush love seat, so I don’t put much stock in it. For $20 bucks, I now know that I apparently have a kind face, an artistic soul, I will get married in my early 30s, I’ll be moving in the next couple years, and my best days are Wednesdays and Fridays.

    I’d like to try it again (with someone who at least has a whole room, not just a storefront), but I always dread hearing all of the bad things, especially dealing with my love life. I vest too much in the future/everything happens for a reason business, so I worry if I hear something, it will make me change my path and in the end actually screw me over. Maybe this is why I’m not getting married till I’m in my early 30s…

    • Speaking purely from my own experience, I don’t recommend marriage until after long friendship and a decent amount of real-life knowledge. Bio-imperatives will defeat the best of intentions, however. My big head was over-ruled by my little head for decades.

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