We Have a Few Forms…

I apologize for being unable to provide you all with any amusement or ideas to chew on right now.  There’s a lot of paperwork involved in buying a house, like loan qualifications, disclosures (ours and theirs), our income and tax documentation and such.  Did you know you are legally required to reveal if anyone died in a house you want to sell?  That’s a new one on me.  I can’t see what difference it makes unless they died of some communicable plague.  There’s also investigation of the permit and regulatory process for any construction we might wish to perform.  Mrs. Invisible is back in L.A. in the final process of her severance negotiations, and giving notice.  She’s also having an epidural injection for her lumbar HNP.  (You can look that term up if you want to know more about back injuries.)  That’s not me in the picture, but the pile of papers looks about the same.  I promise I’ll get back to you in the next day or so with something tasty and fresh!

May all your lives be fulfilling in the meantime,

and may you have fewer papers to sign than I do.


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16 responses to “We Have a Few Forms…

  1. As much as I am a man fond of letters, and writing, and writing letters, and pens, I do loathe paperwork. Both times my wife and I bought a house, we went as the Smart One (she) and the Other One (I). The Smart One wore a pleasant frown and looked over each page and asked after the nature of several fees and transfers of funds that did not immediately make sense to her. The Other One sat there with a pen and a smile on his face — Jackson Browne’s Happy Idiot. “Do I put my whole name on this one or just my initials?” And they’re trusting me to be able to earn HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to pay them back for this nice house they’re giving me the keys to. Paperwork, yick. See you when you emerge from the pile, Mikey.

  2. Oh, and that’s Michael Stipe in the photo, I bet.

  3. LOL! I did pick it because it was another bald guy.

  4. Just be thankful that you can write, fill in forms and sign your own signature.


    • I would rather just spit on them, like the illiterate pioneers would to close a deal. I’m pretty accurate, and it fits my attitude toward forms. Not a very lady-like alternative for you, my dear, so I won’t suggest it.

      • I am thankful, Tracy. I think of these things often. I have to find my way into the gratitude groove before I get out of bed every morning or it’s like a Godzilla/Rodan movie around me.

  5. Best of luck to you. I hope everything runs smoothly and your paperwork is easy. I guess the dead folks clause is because some people don’t want to live where 10 people were mowed down, lest it lowers the value and afraid ghosts will show up or something…..or in case the plague breaks out.

  6. I would be thrilled if ghosts would show up! I haven’t ever seen one except in my dreams. I can feel the energy imprints or a sense of presence sometimes, but I don’t think that’s from beings currently there. It’s like a kind of photograph left behind from the energy of intense emotions experienced in a space.

    If there were diseases, wouldn’t they disinfect anyway?

    • God bless Clorox for sure! There’s been folks dying for years at this complex. Nobody in my apartment. But I heard that some dude across the hall overdosed and hung out 5 days before anyone found him. Some guy hung himself upstairs in his closet, another dude overdosed in his car, some guy was found dead a few days ago…rent was late and he always paid on time and got worried, and a kid drowned in the pool sometime in the 70s. i’ve swam and swam in there, but do I sense him? Nah.
      Best one though was this druggie couple decided one day to off themselves. I saw them cart them away. Now this is hearsay, someone may have embellished the way they did it…..but supposedly, they injected methadoone into their chests and then they did some loving until they died. I guess they wanted their friends to find them dead in a nice way. Ugh! I wouldn’t want to be found dead in a compromising position, but different strokes and death be not proud. I always wonder if the folks that came after them know what happened. It would be interesting to know if they come visiting the current tenants. I wonder if the current tenants’ pets see ghosts.
      I believe there is such things as ghosts but kinda doubt they could harm anyone, so I’d be game to having one around.

      • Perhaps your having lived there will help purify the psychic space. This is an interesting subject. Maybe I’ll post about it. It would be WAY “woo-woo” for me, so a worthwhile challenge.

  7. Best of luck. I had wondered where you were!

  8. As a city planner and public admin guy (and someone who works in the housing industry) I can understand the complications. I hope it works out well for you.

    Sad thing is all those papers will be put into the paper warehouse, where they become existential and sometimes disappear into the void.


  9. Exactly as I suspected they would. I still think we should just spit and swear on it. I have been having fun conversations with my realtor about the silly clauses and their histories. They’re all in there because someone screwed someone else in a previous deal. Now there must be a disclosure requirement to ensure it never happens again.

  10. lianamerlo

    I’m not sure I would mind if someone died of natural causes and went peacefully, but I would certainly want to know if there had been a homicide/suicide in the place I was buying. While ignorance is bliss, I still feel like there would be some uneasiness about the whole place. Maybe it would be a sixth sense kind of thing, or maybe it would be the obvious blood stains on the wall. I’d like to think if the price was right, I could ignore the fact that someone was killed there, but I know I would never be able to. My imagination is too crazy to live in a place with a history like that.

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