Onward Leading, Still Proceeding

The Mirror in the Bathroom, with a Trinity of Bracelets.

The world is a mirror, reflecting us for ourselves alone.  No one else can see what the mirror of the world shows us.  The mirror of the world is also the Wheel, the Great Wheel, the one that’s been showing up everywhere in my new life.  I’m still on a new path, and the Wheels have been leading me to unexpected rivers.  The Lakota teach that every circle focuses the power of spirit.  I’m opening up the circles of my two eyes to see the circles everywhere around me.  You may choose to see them as just patterns, but I can feel the world opening up like the aperture of a lens I have not looked through before.

St Luke’s Episcopal is full of wheels.

The Wheel was in the drugstore too.

I look down, and see the Wheel where the sound comes from.

I look up, and the Wheel tells me it’s time to go.

If you take the shirt off my back, you’ll see a wheel.  It’s helping to guide me from the outside in, and from the inside onward.  In following the Wheel, I proceed on the thousand mile journey that begins with each step forward.


Can you see the Wheel guiding you?


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8 responses to “Onward Leading, Still Proceeding

  1. Cat

    I don’t even know if I’m interpreting this correctly, but I love the vision of time as cyclical, life as a cycle. My moods are cycles, and it gets to be so distressing, that everything is so often seen as linear. You have your problems, they say, and you work and then at Point B, you are cured. But bipolar doesn’t work that way. My faith class had this great discussion on how religion/society affects how we see time. For instance, I was raised in the U.S. where society is Judeo-Christian. Our time is linear. Things have beginnings, middles, ends. But to someone born where the world is predominantly Hindu, life is a cycle. Things never end, things never begin. Random ramblings, but it fascinates me, the Wheel of Life.

  2. Cat

    Oh, and the Catholic-raised girl in me totally got the hymn stuck in my head. Guide us to thy perfect light, and all that. Had to sing it at mass all the time. 🙂

  3. Gee, and I only paraphrased it. (So smart.)

    We freakings disorient are!

  4. This is my third shot gun comment, to let you know, again, I’m loving these “picture book” posts. Fun! It’s also helping me to fast forward catch up on what I’ve missed the last few days.
    Theresa Jane

  5. lianamerlo

    The circle of life… Poor Mufasa.

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