Great Blogs (Part One)

Our Fish Ladder Contest Winners (and an Honorable Mention)

Two of our readers guessed Roseburg, Oregon, within 3 miles of Mikey’s true location, which was:

Winchester, Oregon, where you can watch the fish climb that ladder.

There’s a “people ladder” that goes right down to the bottom of the fish ladder.  I took the picture from the middle of the stairs.  I had been taking pictures in various places as I traveled, but when the symbolism of the ladder combined with my enjoyment at reading about Sci-man’s End of the World contest, I decided to Google “fish ladder I-5”.  The first result that came up was EXACTLY where I was.  I reversed this process to create the riddle, and added the stuff about my previous professions as a RED HERRING, something to throw you off the track.  Two clever people nearly unmasked Dr. Mikeyarty by figuring out where I posted the article from.  The first one second-guessed herself, like I do on multiple-choice tests, and even mentioned NOT Googling.  Despite this small misstep, Liana Merlo, who won the End of the World guessing contest, was close enough to co-win this one too.  She gives such great blog it makes reviewing it positively a snap, or maybe THREE snaps, and you better watch out honey if I start movin’ my neck.  She’s got sass, class, and a sweet little…BRAIN.  Check her out.

Co-Winner #1 — The Mad Ones

Reading Liana’s blog for the first time felt like a piercing.  By that I mean it was like the pleasure/pain of a body modification.  She’s got a fearless sense of humor, so much so that she inspired me to joke about the End of the World, a freeing experience I can tell you.  The title of the blog is a nugget she picked from Kerouac’s On the Road, which she explains in her very first post, but refers to in later ones as a recurring theme.  She uses a “kissy-face” avatar which is both playful and alluring.  This woman sees, in all directions and intensely.  Carefully selected photos and videos.  Fine art sketches.  Visual imagery throughout her posts.  Here’s a passage from one of my favorite stories of hers:

“When I was a child, I loved bumper cars.  But not for the usual reasons. I never intentionally hit anyone. Maybe I was afraid of hitting the wrong person, the type to shoot you in the face. The fat bully who would pull down my pants and make fun of my day-of-the-week undies. Or the girl who would tell everyone I had a crush on the kid who puked so much he carried around his own supply of sawdust. No, I minded my own business. I went out of my way to avoid hitting people. I was a pretty precocious child; maybe I was a Buddhist in a past life, if such a notion is possible.

So why did I hop in that little car and pray for my spinal column? What was the point if I didn’t want to get into multiple accidents? Because I liked the risk of getting hit. I swerved all over the place trying to avoid everyone. I must have looked so strange to onlookers. The girl with pigtails wooshing past people trying to stay out of trouble.”

Liana wrote an entire post illustrated with photos showing the different kinds of buildings she would like to be.  She also wrote a hilarious tale of an accursed red shirt.  When she wore it, she looked fabulous, but bad things were sure to happen.  How did she break the curse?  Read it for yourself:

Her topics are unpredictable, and never boring.

I can’t wait to find out what she sees next!


Coming Up in Part Two – The Crafty, Cookin’ Kiwi of the Lowlands



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7 responses to “Great Blogs (Part One)

  1. lianamerlo

    Thanks for the review Mikes! I seriously love you for comparing my blog to getting a piercing.
    I’m glad my writing and art scars people for life. JK.
    Is it okay if I link your post in my blog?

  2. Link away! We are all one.

    (Thought you might like that piercing metaphor.)

  3. Congratulations Liana!
    Fabulous write-up for The Mad Ones. Her blog was one of the first for me to subscribe to upon my joining WordPress. Her “Curse of the Scarlet Shirt” post snagged me at first read.

    • lianamerlo

      Thank you! That one is a true story for the most part. I have a very love/hate relationship with that shirt.
      I remember there was a post you did that had a picture of you and you started describing possible personalities to match the face. I seriously loved that post. One of my favorites.

  4. As I recall, the blog title snagged me. I did a Kerouac search.

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